Zebronices Zeb-LPC12A Laser Toner cartridge

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Zebronices Zeb-LPC12A Laser Toner Cartridge cartridge


  • Laser printer toner cartridge, ideal for offices/ home
  • Up to 2000 page yield
  • Has high-quality toner powder& PCR
  • High-resolution blackness & smudge-free output.

ZEB-LPC12A is a laser printer toner cartridge that is ideal for offices and home use. It has a 2000 page yield and comes with a high-quality toner powder& PCR. The toner cartridge gives high-resolution blackness with excellent clarity and a smudge-free output.Do not dispose of in fire

Additional information

Weight 0.620 kg
Dimensions 0.85 × 0.275 × 0.90 cm


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