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GeM Registration (Government e-Marketplace)

GeM is a short form of one stop Government e-Market Place hosted by DGS&D where common user goods and services can be procured. GeM is dynamic, self sustaining and user friendly portal for making procurement by Government officers. Public procurement forms a very important part of Government activity and reform in Public Procurement is one of the top priorities of the present […]

Best Organic Lipsticks-2020

         Do you use lipsticks that damage your lips? If yes then…. You should use natural lipsticks made of all-natural and organic ingredients that you get – lipsticks are gluten-free, petroleum-free, fragrance-free, and vegan.           It has often been seen that if you use regular lip balm and local lipsticks, it will deteriorate your lips, […]

Best Concealers for Dry Skin-2020

              A concealer or color corrector is used to mask dark circles, age spots, large pores, and other small blemishes visible on the skin. It is similar to foundation, but thicker and used to hide different pigments by blending the imperfection into the surrounding skin tone.            The best type of concealer for dry skin […]

Best Face Primer for dry skin- 2020

        Don’t you use primer during makeup just because you don’t know whether to use an angle primer according to your skin or is it not necessary? Whether you like heavy make-up or simple make up we need a primer. Using primer the pores and strongholds of the skin look smooth and the foundation looks […]

Best Face Primer for oily skin 2020

                 What do we not do to make ourselves look beautiful? Sometimes through makeup, or sometimes through clothes and by adopting different types of best face primer for oily and dry and foundation, we are able to look beautiful, but say that beauty is not in the eyes of the beholder, and the inner beauty […]

The Best Foundations 2020

Who does not like to look beautiful, but what is the definition of beauty? Is beauty just blond and good figure? And to what extent will you go to achieve this beauty?           What people do not do to look beautiful, some apply a cream to look blonde, and some get upset by their blondness […]

Best Budget Mobile Phone-2020

If you are excited to buy mobile phones according to your pocket budget and see more in less budget, I have a special phone which is low. 1. Samsung Galaxy M20 (Ocean Blue, 4+64GB) 13MP+5MP ultra-wide dual-camera | 8MP f2.0 front camera16cm (6.3″) Full HD+ Infinity V Display with 2340×1080 crystal clear resolution (409 PPI) […]

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